Our Consulting services

1- Build a Costumer Database

1.1 Existing Database (spanish, italian and UK regulated markets + LATAM + Israel)

1.2 New Database: from the groups below.

  • Group I – Clients who have a Gambling-Related business idea but have not started yet to consider if realistic in this new regulated market (UKR). For example:

a) content creation

b) external CRM

c) VIP

d) Affiliate Channel (tipsters & product review sites & odds comparision)

  • Group II – Clients who already have a gambling business but it is not working for them.
  • Group III – Clients who already have a business are doing well, but want to improve and take advantage of the possibilities of the new law.

2 – Create an ABSTRACT and INDEX in an appropriate layout. Then publish it in our site, promote in social and contact our Costumer Database. 15 pages maximum. Potential clientes will find the answers to their business challenges

See below the 4 first Industry´s Reports focused on the new reagulatory landscape in Ukraine

  1. Five predictions for Ukraine’s Gambling Market (download abstract & index HERE)
  2. About the Regulator Body (download abstract & index HERE)
  3. Gambling in Media (download abstract & index HERE)
  4. Careers in Gambling (download abstract & index HERE)

3 – Create Independent Study on Demand: 35-40 pages report much more focused on insights and analysis.

Example taken from Ernst & Young

The main topics for those reports are:

  • Product
  • Taxation
  • Media
  • Competitor Analysis

4 – eLearning: means training on egaming activities and general & specific landscape in Ukraine for gambling business.

“eLearning (Trainning Season to WH is just the foundations to build the entire project”

– Lviv-

Link this CONSULTANCY section with the CONTENT one.

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